Legendary Brows

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An eyebrow gel that has a micro-fine brush that mimics natural brow hairs and makes it quick and easy to add shape, texture, and tint

This tinted eyebrow gel comes with a precision brush that evenly coats, shades, and grooms every hair—even baby hairs. The secret key to legendary brows is small strokes. The multi-bristle brush will also pull up, coat, and tint hairs, even the smallest baby hairs.

Research results:*Tested on 30 people:

  • 10-hour wear
  • Water-resistant

How to use: Use the Micro-Fine Precision Brush to brush the hair in an upward motion. Best for brows that are thin or sparse, faded or lacking shape, or full brows.

Follow Charlotte's three-step, easy-to-use brow formula for your BEST BROWS:

  • Fill: Create shape, definition, and structure with Brow Cheat (sold separately) or Brow Lift (sold separately)
  • Feather: Add hair-like texture and tint for fuller-looking brows with Legendary Brows (sold separately).
  • Fix: Brush up and hold brows perfectly in place with Brow Fix (sold separately).
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