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Lip Liner Pencil Refill

Starting at $30.00

A refillable lip liner pencil that seamlessly glides over the contours of lips for natural yet defined, fuller looking lips.

Defines lips to create the perfect dimensional shape and boost longevity of lipstick’s wear. Draws smooth lines without drag for effortlessly precise application.

  • Smooth, blendable texture.

How to use

  • Extend Lip liner pencil 1-2 mm.
  • Mark the peaks of the cupid’s bow and the bottom line of the lower lip
  • Draw from the lip corners to the cupid’s bow and connect with the lines drawn
  • Draw from the lip corners towards the baseline of the lower lip and connect to lines drawn
  • Shade the outline of the lips inwards with the attached brush to create natural depth that blends well with the lipstick.
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