About the brand

LipSmart Lip Treatment delivers softer, sexier, more accentuated lips by moisturizing, hydrating and volumizing. The nourishing formula infuses lips with luxurious moisture, creating plump, healthy and more vibrantly appealing lips.

LipSmart is specially designed to replenish lips and protect from the effects of weather and exposure to the elements. The formula works with powerful actives that stimulate the lips and influences collagen, lipids and hyaluronan, giving lips a soft, plump look.

LipSmart skin care for lips has delivered noticeable results including full, more hydrated lips in as few as 29 days, depending on age, skin chemistry and lip condition.

LipSmart contains safe, natural ingredients, it is free of parabens, and the gentle formula won't irritate the delicate skin on the lips. It instantly relieves dry lips, and is a must-have product for everyone.


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