Marvis Strong Mint Mouthwash Concentrate


This concentrated mouthwash energizes and cleanses your entire mouth with a long-lasting, cool, and intense peppermint sensation.

The alcohol-free, concentrated formula helps to kill germs and neutralize odor-causing bacteria without stripping or irritating your teeth and gums. Natural extracts xylitol and propolis extract promote good oral hygiene by gently and effectively helping to fight cavities and gingivitis, leaving your mouth clean and healthy and your breath unmistakably fresh.

Alcohol-free, fluoride-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free. Made in Italy.

How to use: Concentrated formula: Dilute 1 part of Marvis Mouthwash in 4 parts of water. Rinse twice a day for 30 seconds after brushing.

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