Mascara So Stretch

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Instant length and definition. Visibly longer, stronger and thicker lashes day after day.

So Stretch lengthens, fortifies and defines the lashes, from the root to the tip. Eyes are wider and lashes are fully fanned out. Its innovative lash care formula improves: - the beauty of lashes (Damask Rose extract and Castor oil), for sheathed and softer lashes. - their length and vitality (Vitamin Peptide and Arginine), for longer, stronger and thicker lashes. - their protection (with synthetic ceramide as the active ingredient), for more resistant lashes.

The conical brush coats all the lashes, even the finest, for a panoramic effect. Tolerance tested under ophthalmological control. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

 How to use: Lashes are lengthened, separated and enhanced as soon as it’s applied. The panoramic result opens up the eyes like never before. Day after day, they are thicker, stronger and longer. For a more intense look, the result can be created with repeated applications, without overloading or clumping.

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