NACY2 Recovery Mask


Nourishing. Healing. Strengthening.

Featuring a trifecta of barrier-building complexes, including our signature complex NAC Y2, this rich mask works to help reduce oxidative stress, irritation and redness while strengthening the skin against all external aggressors.

  • NAC Y2: A fusion of antioxidants, amino acids and vasoprotectors that ensure the cells function at their optimum, protect from oxidative stress, neutralise free radicals and encourage the tensile strength of the skin
  • PENTA-CERAMIDE COMPLEX: A powerful moisturising blend that restores the protective barrier function of the skin and enhances delivery and exchange of skin lipids
  • CALMING COMPLEX: An intensely soothing blend that works to calm redness, irritation and protect from external aggressors
  • SILK AMINO PEPTIDES: A unique protein that harnesses the restorative properties of silk amino acids to rejuvenate the skin’s tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate the skin’s tissues and protect against free radicals
  • BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES: A synthetic compound with anti-ageing properties designed to support in skin regeneration
  • TAZMAN PEPPER EXTRACT: Extracted from Tasmanian Pepper Berry, the botanical extract protects and reduces skin sensibility for greater skin comfort

How to use: Apply a generous amount onto clean skin or focus on areas of concern following your usual 111SKIN regime. As this mask contains a high-level of active ingredients, 111SKIN would favour usage between 2-3 times a week.

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