Nail Oil


The Nail Oil nourishing strengthens brittle nails

The highly effective combination of oils supports the structure of the nails and nourishes the sensitive cuticles. The result is a strengthened, healthy nail substance. The valuable manketti nut oil strengthens the nails and promotes cellular formation. The linoleic acid of the sesame oil helps to restore the lipid layer of the calluses of the nail bed. The tender skin of the fingers becomes palpably soft and receives new resilience thanks to the valuable macadamia nut oil. The vitamin E contained is anti-inflammatory and supports the healing of wounds.

How to use: Massage the nail oil gently onto the nails and the nail bed. Repeat twice per day for intensive care. For ideal results, apply the nail oil to lightly moist nail so that it absorbs more quickly. It can also be used for the toenails.

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