Diamond Extreme Serum

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Diamond Extreme Light and Rich Texture. Two textures with Smart Energy Complex.

Diamond Extreme Creams
Diamond Extreme Creams

Main Benefits

  • Smart Energy: The Smart Energy Complex recharges the skin’s energy and complements its natural cycles of rebalancing during the day and replenishing at night. The result is a revitalized, revived complexion that stays radiant for hours.
  • Smoothens: Peptixyl ProYouth helps minimize the look of lines and wrinkles, softens skin texture and reveals a smoother complexion.
  • Firms: Mastic crystal tear oil and sweet pea extract provide a visible lifting effect and reveals firmer-looking, fuller skin.
  • Rebalances: Prebiotics and a powerful antioxidant cocktail help diminish the visible effects of external aggressions and provide impressive anti-aging benefits.
  • Replenishes: Plumping effect lipids, and phytosphingosine enhance the moisture barrier and boost hydration, making the skin look more plump and supple.