Nest Fragrances

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NEST Fragrances is a luxury lifestyle beauty company founded in 2005 by Laura Slatkin. Prior to NEST Fragrances, Laura earned a legendary reputation for developing original and award-winning luxury home-fragrance collections with her husband, Harry, at Slatkin & Co., which they founded in 1992 and sold to Limited Brands, Inc., in 2005. Continuing to work with the most acclaimed master perfumers at the world’s most prestigious fragrance houses, Laura has carried on that tradition of excellence at NEST Fragrances by creating distinctive and exceptional nest fragrance and home fragrance collections that meet the highest standards of quality and renement. NEST Fragrances combines chic packaging with exquisite fragrances specially designed to enhance and elevate one's everyday living and entertaining experience.

NEST Fragrances. Scent the Mood™

Nest Fragrances

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'Hearth' Classic Candle

Nest Fragrances

Regular Price: $38.00

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'Birchwood' Votive Candle, 2 oz

Nest Fragrances

Regular Price: $16.00

Special Price $12.00