New White Enamel Anti-Aging Toothpaste

Starting at $29.00

Enriched with WX Formula, Edelweiss whitening toothpaste helps repair and strengthen tooth enamel, and it whitens your teeth up to 10 shades* in just two weeks.

  • Anti-Cavity
  • Whitens teeth up to 10 shades* and works on crowns and veneers
  • Strengthens and helps repair enamel
  • Peroxide-free formula won’t irritate sensitive teeth and gums
  • Swiss-made and sustainable
  • Vegan, clean and cruelty-free

How to use: We recommend that you use Edelweiss in the morning 30 minutes after eating and again at bedtime. But, of course, you can brush your teeth as often as you like.

1. Apply a pea-sized amount of Edelweiss to your Rheinholz toothbrush. 2. Brush your teeth and gums thoroughly for two full minutes. 3. Finish by brushing your tongue.

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