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The Orlane Laboratories are pioneers in the field of anti-aging skin care. Orlane Skin Care products are specially designed to revitalize and rejuvenate skin; the cutting-edge formula delicately balances active ingredients for the healthiest, most luxurious skin. Orlane makeup and Orlane bath & body products meet the needs of every woman by delivering the highest quality, most effective cosmetic experience.

At the heart of each Orlane anti-aging formula is the company's signature B21 Bio-Energic Anti-Aging Complex. Orlane was founded by a pharmaceutical doctor who knew intuitively that beauty products could be immensely effective at transforming skin.

Orlane skin care products are continuously updated with the latest scientific breakthroughs in skincare, and Orlane maintain its own research and development laboratories and manufacturing facilities in Italy and France. The company's aim is to maintain independence and control of its products and their quality. The company's team of researchers consistently selects the best ingredients, taking into consideration different skin types and needs, including sensitive skin, allergies and other skin conditions.

Quality is Orlane's top priority, and they formulate their products with natural and biological extracts that synergize to provide remarkable results. Orlane products are never animal tested, a decision the company made long before European legislation required it.


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