About the brand

RevitaLash® eye makeup was developed by Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D. as a special gift for his wife, Gayle, while she was recovering from metastatic breast cancer treatments. Intensive chemotherapy had rendered Gayle's once-beautiful eyelashes fragile, sparse and thin. Dr. Brinkenhoff's 25 years of ophthalmology experience and knowledge allowed him to develop a formula that could bring health and beauty back to Gayle's eyelashes.

After extensive research, Dr. Brinkenhoff, together with a talented team of cosmetic chemists, created RevitaLash® mascara; the revolutionary new product brought the promised vitality back to Gayle’s eyelashes. RevitaLash® can now make Gayle's story a reality for anyone who longs for gorgeous eyelashes.

The RevitaLash line continues to be a strong ally in the effort to have more luscious eyelashes. Whether you're looking to repair damage or simply maintain healthy lashes, RevitaLash® is the product of choice. It can breathe new life into even the most scant and heavily damaged lashes.


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