Supremya at Night

95% of 100
Sisleÿa, the latest Supreme Skin Care from Sisley, capitalises on the very latest discoveries in chronobiology and genetics to push back the genetically programmed skin aging for visibly rejuvenated skin. Sisleÿa acts at night, the key moment for cellular regeneration, to help skin recover its natural repair mechanisms and regain a youthful appearance. At the heart of the formula, Phyto-Complex LC12 (12-hour Longevity Concentrate),patented by Sisley, is a powerful combination of 4 plant-based active ingredients which extends the lifespan of cells, improves their quality of life by stimulating cellular self-repair. As comfortable as a cream and as powerful as a Serum, Sisleÿa was designed to be massaged into the skin, allowing it to be gradually charged in active ingredients. Every night, Sisleÿa counterbalances damage sustained during the day and prepares the skin to face the following day. The face is firmer, smoother and more luminous. Skin is regenerated. Night after night, it optimises skin's future.

Apply at night to the face, neck and décolleté; gently massage in until completely absorbed. Sisleÿa is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

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