The Luminizing Face Enhancer

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Illuminates skin wth a prismatic radiance.

A multi-dimensional, silky-smooth highlighting powder infused with exquisite opal powder. Illuminates your complexion and defines contours using light-empowering technology for a radiant, eye-catching look at every angle.

  • Precious Opal Powder absorbs and reflects light, converting it on the skin for 360-degree radiance. It releases an iridescent sheen that changes with the amount and angle of light.
  • Light-Empowering Enhancer delivers a naturally radiant finish by creating optimal light diffusion and reflection in the skin to amplify your radiant makeup finish.
  • Premium Argan Oil, rich in Vitamin E, provides moisture for smoother skin.
  • Moist Feel Powder, Smooth Texture Oil Gel helps product apply smoothly with a silky texture.

How to use: Apply as the last step in your makeup routine. Sweep brush back and forth over surface of powder and apply to face in an upward diagonal motion, starting at the bottom of cheekbones. For more dramatic radiance, continue application from the top of the cheekbones to the temples.

When using as a bronzer, take up a little more powder with a brush. Then, blend the powder from the areas just beneath the cheekbones out toward the facial contour, softening as you go. Sweep the brush along the bridge of the nose.

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